BADSHA Tours has an assortment of choice for any holiday maker. All travel related requirements are clubbed with cordial and multi-lingual tour guides for more comfortable tours. There are a bevy of pickings for a luxurious and complete holiday. OUR'S is a land of countless surprises and is fascinating to discover in her full grandeur. Sprawling palaces, sumptuous cuisines and exotic wildlife set amidst wonderfully planned itineraries are delightful trademarks of any BADSHA Tours.

Holiday Packages

Domestic & International Holiday Packages

Independent Tours Escorted Tours, Family/Honeymoon Packages, Pilgrimage/Wildlife Packages, Group Tour Packages Cruise Vacations MICE Group Tours Air, Train and Bus Booking Personalized assistance on arrival & departure. All sorts of transfer from car to coach in any city land Accommodation in all categories of hotels from budget to 7 Star hotels all over the World. Multilingual guide services. Escort services. Sight-seeing in comfortable Chauffeur driver cars to coaches. Special cultural theme events if any.

Hotel Booking

Domestic & International Hotel Bookings

We have developed excellent relations with different Hotels and thereby are able to get excellent rates, which we offer to our clients. Even if you just wish to book a single hotel anywhere in India & Abroad through us, you are most welcome. We will offer you most competitive price for the type of hotel required.

The Advantage of BADSHA Tours over its competitors is the efficiency of a dynamic team of professionals and a highly motivated management who co-operates with each other harmoniously and works for the same goal. The travel products are often updated to give clients perfect holidays possible. The package tours described in our website range from easy touring to challenging activities, all focusing in depth on Tourism in India & Abroad. We invented and carved a platform where you can just enter and get an access to travel anywhere. That's so simple! On top of everything, we have made sure that you are facilitated with care without leaving any margin of error.

2. Who should travel with Badsha Tours?
The goal of Badsha Tours is to provide the best travel services to travelers from all over the world. No matter where you are from and what kind of travel arrangement you need in, we can offer you the best solutions via the lowest cost possible services. Whether you choose discount guesthouses or 5 star luxury accommodations you are in good hands. We select our hotels like we select all aspects of our tours, with great care that ensures the highest quality. When you choose Global Taste as your culinary travel specialists, you are guaranteed to love your cuisine and culture experience.

3. What kind of tours do we offer?
BADSHA Tours offers three different kinds of tours:
A.Set Itineraries: You can choose to join a group tour, departing on a fixed date and there will be people from other parts of the world in the group.
B.Private Tours: A fixed itinerary but without fixed departure dates, you can take it whenever it is convenient for you, there will be only you and your friends in the group, this also includes many of our Theme Tours or City Tours.
C.Tailor Made Tours: You can choose one of our set itinerary or private tours and tailor it to suit your needs. (We can also arrange accommodation and flight booking services).